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The establishment of this annual fundraising event, project21forlife, is one that absolutely everyone can take part in!

All that’s needed are fun ideas, done solo or with family, friends, or colleagues at work, to raise funds; however large or small - completed by the 21st June annually. 

Funds raised will be donated to the John King Brain Tumour Foundation supporting the Atkinson Morley Wing of St George’s Hospital and the Neuro-Oncology Unit at

The Royal Marsden.

The John King Brain Tumour Foundation has over the last 5 years, tirelessly fundraised to provide vital neurosurgical equipment for both adult and paediatric neurosurgery at St. George's, which have led to significant improvements in surgical outcomes.  

Tim Jones, Consultant Neurosurgeon, St George’s Hospital & Trustee of the John King Brain Tumour Foundation, said: "Our unit is very busy and the patients are often seriously ill so the roof garden the charity maintain adjacent to our McKissock ward is a haven where patients and their families can step out to breathe in the fresh air and spend time in a calming, green environment, which helps them on the road to recovery. 

Funds raised from Project21forlife, will enable the charity to launch our next project, to create a ‘forest in the sky’ roof garden adjacent to the Neuro ICU unit. This garden will offer the opportunity to have a restful space for critical care patients, carers and loved ones who are all recovering from the impact of extremely difficult and traumatic circumstances. It promises to have benefits to rehabilitation as patients become re-acquainted with the outside world and use their senses to stimulate the healing process.” 

Given the need to transport patients on ventilators with additional monitoring equipment, it is vital that the space is safe and accessible so we need to raise £400,000 to make this happen"

We are also supporting the Drug Development Unit at The Royal Marsden at Sutton by contributing to the appointment of a research manager.

Dr Liam Welsh, Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Head of the Neuro-oncology Unit at Royal Marsden, said 'With your support we are fundraising to support our ongoing clinical research efforts which are working to identify much needed new treatments for patients with brain tumours.'

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